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Mobile probes - a digital empirical method and learning scaffold

Lagt online: 10.06.2016

This is a VideoScribe made by Rikke Ørngreen to a presentation (therefore no audio, titles etc. - a full version may follow) of the paper:

Mobile probes: A scaffold for local learning with online resources ? 
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A project investigating the effectiveness of a collection of online resources for teachers' professional development used mobile probes as a data collection method. Teachers received questions and tasks on their mobile in a dialogic manner while in their everyday context as opposed to in an interview. This method provided valuable insight into the contextual use, i.e. how did the online resource transfer to the work practice. However, the research team also found that mobile probes may provide the scaffolding necessary for individual and peer learning at a very local (intra-school) community level. This paper is an initial investigation of how the mobile probes process proved to engage teachers in their efforts to improve teaching. It also highlights some of the barriers emerging when applying mobile probes as a scaffold for learning.

Publisher: Aalborg Universitetsforlag (open access ed.)
Publication Name: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Designs for Learning
Conference End Date: May 20, 2016
Conference Start Date: May 18, 2016